Only clay and concrete tiles can compete with Slate tiles when it comes to longevity. Lasting a lifetime, you won’t need to consider roof replacement for at least 100 to 175 years if properly installed, unless your structure suffers critical damage.

The extensive lifespan of Slate is only one of the premium advantages of choosing this for your roofing system. Natural Slate tile roofs are completely fireproof and come in a variety of sizes, colors, and thicknesses. The architectural beauty of Natural Slate has made it a classic choice for centuries, as seen all over the world.

Because Natural Slate is a delicate material, installation is a critical process and must be undertaken with great care and precision by experienced installers having specialized training. Martin Roofing specialists have the skill and expertise to install, repair, and replace Slate tile roofs on any sized project.

One of the reasons some homeowners are discouraged from investing in a Natural Slate roof is the high cost of materials and installation. Another option for those who admire the appearance of Natural Slate, but not the high cost, is Synthetic Slate Tile.

Synthetic, or composite, Slate can give you the look and feel of Natural Slate, but at a significantly lower cost than Natural Slate. Synthetic Slate is impact resistant and is not as susceptible to cracking or splitting as Natural Slate. With an extensive color palette to choose from, and available with a manufacturer limited lifetime warranty, Synthetic Slate tile might be the right choice for your roofing project.

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