Commercial Roof Maintenance and Repair

Your new roofing system is a major investment and should be properly maintained to achieve its maximum service life. Without proper maintenance, you can expect your roof to deteriorate twice as fast as a system that is on a service plan. Additionally, most manufacturers mandate that a maintenance program be implemented from the installation date of your roof, or the warranty will not be honored.

Often the problems you are experiencing may not require the need to do a full roof replacement. If you see signs of water infiltration or water damage from a leaky roof, we will thoroughly inspect your roof system to determine how to most cost-effectively remedy the issue.

Whatever type of roofing system you currently have, Martin Roofing has the experienced team, state-of-the-art equipment, and industry-leading methods to repair most damages and to suggest preventive strategies to avoid future issues.

With our Preventive Maintenance Program, we provide proactive yearly inspections for both commercial and industrial roofs. Our team of qualified roof technicians can spot any potential trouble before it becomes a problem for your company. With experience in every type of roof system, Martin Roofing Services protects your investment and prevents untimely deterioration of your roof at a cost of only around 1% of the original roof investment.

To achieve the maximum service life from your roof and to protect your investment, contact Martin Roof Services today to discuss a Maintenance Program customized to fit your schedule and needs.