Utilized for siding and roofing for centuries, Americans have been using Cedar Wood Shakes since Colonial Times. This popular roofing option features a rustic and distinctive appearance because the length and thickness of each shingle can vary.

Natural Beauty

Arguably the most obvious advantage to a Cedar Shake roof is its incredible beauty no matter the age. Initially a Cedar roof will display a luxurious rich copper-red wood tone that fades to a pleasing silver gray over time. The natural beauty of this wood is further enhanced by its intrinsic insect and rodent repelling qualities, stemming from its natural oils such as the terpenoid thujone.

Thermal Insulation

Like other types of wood, Cedar acts as a thermal insulator. With its low density, Cedar has a high proportion of air spaces, known to be one of the best types of insulation. This quality makes Cedar Shake roofing an energy-efficient option providing up to two times the insulation of asphalt shingles.

Longer Lifespan and Durability

Cedar also has a long lifespan, making it an ideal choice as roofing material. This type of roofing system can last up to 50 years when properly maintained. Resistant to extreme weather damage such as snow, hail, heavy rain, and even hurricanes, many people find the durability of Cedar to be an excellent benefit.

Synthetic Options

There are also many types of Synthetic Shakes available that are constructed from recycled composite materials. These roofing options provide the beautiful appearance of weathered cedar shakes, but have the benefit of composite materials, negating the need for the same level of maintenance as Cedar Shakes.

Whether you prefer Cedar or Synthetic Shakes, Martin Roofing can help you evaluate the options and provide guidance in selection of a Shake that meets your needs.

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